What makes the wines you offer unique and different from other wine clubs?

Coastline Wine specializes in finding extremely high quality, small production wines from independent wine-makers, wine labels, and vineyards of the west coast of the United States.  Many of our wines cannot be tasted in public venues and are only available through first-hand knowledge or direct contact with the winemakers.

Why does the Coastline Wine membership cost more than some other wine subscription services?

Many of the other online wine subscription services today are making the wines they offer directly themselves under different label names through sourcing low-cost, lower quality fruit, and utilizing cheaper wine-making techniques at custom crush facilities.  It is the opinion of the Coastline Wine sommeliers that many of these offerings are of inferior quality and technique and mass-produced at the lowest possible cost, sacrificing quality, complexity and ultimately taste.  If the price is too good to be true, it will be reflected in what you taste in the glass.

What is the benefit of a Coastline Wine subscription versus joining the wine club through any one winery directly?

In a word, variety.  We include information about our featured wine partners on our website and we encourage any customer who falls in love with a winery to join that winery’s wine club directly.  We also believe that there is an abundance of amazing wine to be discovered and too many wine clubs to possibly join.  We aim to give you the variety of multiple high-quality clubs, in just one commitment.

Do you offer International Wines?

Not yet, but we will announce our expansion into high-quality, small production international wines as soon as we are prepared to offer them.

How does Coastline Wine select the wines to be included in my subscription box?

Each wine is specifically evaluated for quality using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting by a qualified Sommelier.  Upon completion of the online customer wine profile by each consumer, we then include the wines that most closely match your profile answers.

I think my tastes have changed, how do I update my wine profile?

Congratulations, this is a natural evolution in the wine journey and to be expected!  Please contact us at support@coastlinewine.com to update your wine profile.

I don’t like the wine, can I return it?

In general, no.  But please email us at support@coastlinewine.com so that we can update your profile to not include that wine again.  By law, we cannot accept returns of alcoholic beverages unless the product is corked, or flawed. Note that truly corked or flawed wine is very rare. We are also unable to accept return of wine that was damaged due to adverse weather conditions during shipment, or wine that is ordered in error. If you believe the wine is corked or exhibits notes of a wine flaw, please email us at support@coastlinewine.com with a description of the aroma/taste and to arrange replacement.  Return of the corked or flawed wine is required for replacement.

What is the Coastline Wine subscription?

When you choose your first shipment, you can choose to purchase a one-time box or an annual subscription at a lower per box price.  If you choose the annual subscription, you are committing to at least a 1 year subscription.  You can choose to pay for the annual subscription up front for an even deeper discount, or you can pay quarterly.  You will be billed the annual subscription installment fees either in full at time of order or quarterly prior to the shipment of your wines, depending upon your choice at sign-up.

Can I order wine as a gift or for myself without committing to a subscription?

Yes! Just choose the One-Time option and you will not be committing to an annual subscription.

Can I choose which wines will be included in my shipment?

Not at this time, but we hope to offer this functionality in the future as we grow.  Because our suppliers are very small production wineries, inventory of each wine is relatively low.  We are also constantly assessing and evaluating new partners for inclusion in our offerings.  All box shipments are curated based on our current inventory and our customers current wine profiles.  If and when customers are able to choose included wines in shipments, it will be publicly announced on our website.

I see that you have a featured wine partners page, but are these the only wines that are available to be included in my box?

No, we highlight some of the wineries we partner with on a rotating basis but have many offerings that are not necessarily highlighted on the featured wine partners page at any given point in time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

When you sign-up for the subscription price, you are agreeing to an annual subscription contract of 1 year.  Your subscription will auto-renew each year on your anniversary date. You can cancel your annual subscription at each annual renewal period by emailing support@coastlinewine.com at least 30 days in advance of your anniversary date.  Cancellations requested after wine shipments have been processed cannot be accepted.  Annual subscriptions that are billed quarterly and have had at least the first shipment processed cannot be cancelled until the next annual renewal period.  If you want to avoid entering into an annual contracted subscription, then choose the one-time box upon ordering at the higher rate.

Do I have to sign for my wine upon delivery?

Yes, all wine shipments must be signed for by someone who is 21 years of age or older.  Please provide us with a shipping address where someone will be able to sign for the wine during business hours.  If the wine is returned to us undeliverable, please contact us at support@coastlinewine.com to arrange for reshipment.  A reshipping fee will apply.

I have another problem or I have other questions not addressed in your FAQ’s?

Please contact us at support@coastlinewine.com with the details of your inquiry or question.  Please keep in mind that we are a small business and responses can take up to 10 business days, although we aim to keep that much shorter.

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