Welcome to Coastline Wine, your premier destination for uncovering the hidden treasures of the world's finest vineyards. Founded in 2023, we are driven by a profound belief: "Life's Too Short to Drink Bulk Wine." We are devoted to connecting wine enthusiasts, and those new to wine, with rare, high-quality wines, ensuring that every bottle you uncork is an experience worth savoring.

Though we are a young company,

our passion for wine is timeless. We were born out of our founders’ experiences and journeys through the world of wine over many years. We delight in the discovery of new wines and the rich tapestry of stories that each wine bottle tells - stories of dedication, craft, and unique terroir that shapes every vintage. At Coastline Wine, we venture beyond the mainstream, seeking out exceptional wines from both renowned and emerging vineyards, making these gems easily accessible to you, without the costly expense of years of travel up and down the west coast.

Located in the vibrant wine region of Northern California, our reach extends far beyond our local terroir. With our state-of-the-art online platform, we are dedicated to bringing the best vineyards directly to your home. We handpick each offering, ensuring the authenticity and superior quality of every bottle.  We will not offer a wine that has not passed sommelier assessment of quality.

Sadly, in today's digital marketplace, many online wine retailers rely on the assumption that consumers don't know, or care to know, the truth about the wines they are purchasing. These retailers often produce their own wines in large-scale facilities using techniques that yield simple, often bland, and characterless wines. They then go to great lengths to mislead customers into believing the wine is sourced from diverse third-party vineyards.

At Coastline Wine, we take a different approach. We have a singular focus: to bring the highest quality wines from the west-coast vineyards and winemakers directly to your door. We value the craft of winemaking and celebrate those who pour their heart and soul into creating unique, small-production wines. It's a difference you can taste – the contrast between drinking mass-produced wine and savoring a bottle crafted with passion and expertise is undeniably clear.

Our team is a harmonious blend of seasoned sommeliers, passionate wine enthusiasts, and tech-savvy professionals who work tirelessly to enhance your online wine buying experience. We acknowledge and celebrate your unique taste, striving to cater to your preferences through our diverse and continually evolving selection.

In embracing the motto, "Life's Too Short to Drink Bulk Wine," we pledge to provide an unparalleled, seamless online wine purchasing journey that opens your world to the joys of fine wine, uncompromising on quality.

Join us on this exciting voyage. Let's discover the world of fine wines together. Welcome to the Coastline Wine family. We believe in celebrating life with every pour.

Happy Drinking!