Elkhorn Peak Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes written by David Berman.


2018 Elkhorn Peak Pinot Noir

Color: Translucent medium brick red

Nose: Soft, earthy soil with red fruits predominantly of red cherry, pomegranate, and hibiscus scented black tea. A swirl really elevates the fruit.

Palate/Taste: It’s a pop of mixed red fruits immediately on the way in leaning now more towards strawberry and pomegranate with a delayed sense of cherry and rose hips. Very mild and soft tannins come in next followed by a nice lingering sense of acidity and that sits on the back sides of the tongue (good acid pucker) to make me want to take another sip while holding the first fruit notes. If I hold out, the finish is super long with a sense of dusty soil (almost can pick up sous-bois) and a light hint of clove (presumably from “neutral” oak) in there but the wine is more fruit forward. Light bodied, fruit dominant with a shifting finish, and very easy to drink. I’m surprised also by the detectable alcohol presence in this wine I believe due to the lighter body. It’s not out of balance, it’s just a surprise.


2021 Elkhorn Peak Chardonnay

Color: Pale straw/yellow

Nose: Holy moses, this is super aromatic with a spectacularly crazy tropicality blend of overripe pineapple, honeydew, and meyer lemon. 

Palate/Taste: Like the pinot noirs, this is a reductive style, however, the nose is surprisingly oxidized. I like when you get teased by the nose of something like this which is aromatic but are then surprised by something totally different on the palate. Rich medium body, first hit with deliciously acidic green apple, then lime and a sense of citrus flowers on a longer finish that is married to a similar feeling after eating a ripe granny smith that figured out how to hang out in your mouth for a few minutes. I wish I was eating linguini vongole right now. If not for the richer body paired with green apple, this would have stuck me as a white field blend with aromatic varieties.